About Our Founder

Greetings, I am Brian Laurence Tarver, visionary and founder of Affirm it Apparel!
First, I would be remise if I did not give all honor, glory and praise to God for allowing me to embark on this endeavor.  Affirm It Apparel was birthed from the years of navigating through the many ups and downs that life has thrown my way and having to find the strength, courage and faith to keep moving forward in purpose.  As the son and grandson of strong parents and grandparents, faith has always been the foundation of who I am.  This foundation of faith has allowed me to pursue many things in life and achieve things that, during many times, I never thought could be possible. 
Living a life of purpose, encouraging and inspiring others, and wanting to see people be successful has always been a huge part of the fabric that makes me who I am.  Given the current state of society around us, I believe that we just maximize every moment and not miss an opportunity to spread messages that just might make the difference in the lives of those we encounter.  
Our words have power!  Affirm It Apparel is not just a brand seeking to display empty words on clothing that hold no meaning. Our mission is simple: "Affirm It, Believe It, Acheive It, For It's Already Done!" We believe that, with God's help, we can have what we affirm and believe.  My promise to every customer is to be a brand that makes a bold statement, speaks a positive message, and leaves a lasting impression that will make others want to AFFIRM IT!
Thank you for your prayers, continued encouragement, and your support!
Brian L. Tarver, CEO and Founder