About Us

The Inspiration and Why Behind Affirm It Apparel

JoVaughn (Jaybo) Essex May 4, 1988 - June 3, 2020

Affirm It Apparel LLC. was founded in 2020 under the vision of Brian L. Taver. In June of 2020, Mr. Tarver's eldest Son, JoVaughn, tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident to no fault of his own. In his plight to find purpose in the loss of his son, Mr. Tarver took a leap of faith to do something his Son had always wanted to do in starting a clothing line.

JoVaughn, affectionately called "Jay" by those who loved him, never allowed life to get him down. No matter what he was going through, he would always affirm boldly, "God's Got Me!" This was the inspiration for the first collection under the brand, of many others to come in the future. JoVaughn was an amazing individaul, truly an angel on Earth that left his mark in the lives of everyone he met. We are honored and blessed to continue carrying on his legacy of positivity, strength and faith.

Our mission is simple: "Affirm It, Believe It, Acheive It, For It's Already Done!" We simply beieve that with God's help, we can have what we affirm and believe. At Affirm It Apparel we simply have the goal of being a brand that make a bold statement, speaks a positive message, and leaves a lasting impression that will make others want to AFFIRM IT!